About Puffin Vapor & Leaf 

Konner, the wonder dog

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​Why E-Cigarettes AND Cigars?​

Yes, shops truly dedicated to vaping and cigars are rarities. These days you will most likely find a small E-cigarette selection in a cigar shop, but Puffin Vapor & Leaf is the only storefront in Ct. that excels in both. I opened this hybrid because I have a passionate appreciation for both. To me, a good cigar is a delicious form of relaxation and reward that has absolutely nothing to do with the killers that are cigarettes. I also love the pure organic nature of cigars as well as their social aspect: listen to a group of folks sitting around smoking cigars and you will see what I mean!

Simply put, electronic cigarettes most likely saved my life. After smoking cigarettes for over 40 years, I was more than ready to quit but just couldn't do it, no matter what I tried...cold turkey, gum, nicotine patches (we won't even talk about that nasty "C" pill). Then, on August 24th (My Mom's birthday BTW) 2012, I tried my first E-cig and never looked back. I have not had a conventional cigarette since and have absolutely no desire to do so. As a side note: my Mom smoked for 60 years before I got her started on E-cigs. It was a selfish act though...I love her and want to keep her around for many years to come.

A little about me: I was born in the restaurant business, taught by my Dad (who was my mentor, hero and rock), worked in my family's restaurants, and owned one until 1995. I then went back to school for electronics, which always interested and mystified me. Soon after graduation, I was lucky enough to land a great job with Sun Microsystems and enjoyed many years in their employ. Sun Microsystems was then bought by another large company and well, I'll take the high road and just end it there.

So here I am, happy with my nice little shop and ready to share this happiness with you. 

-Al Barone, Owner